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Got our 1st user for a simple side project.

Now it feels more like a startup?

Let go of your egos and focus on building. There are more than enough problems to be solved in the world, your ego only slows the process down. Don’t worry about your image, celebrity, and title but more about your contribution and the team.  

Probably the greatest advice that I’ve ever been given and the only advice that I’ve ever found to be true in all of coaching, I think we mentioned it to both John and Jim … the coaching advice is, ‘Get ahead, stay ahead’
Jack Harbaugh 

Silicon Valley can be a place of premature hype. Once a company gets funding the valley makes it seem like they won the World Series. When I tell people our idea I always hear back “isn’t so and so startup is doing something like this?”

In lieu of the X millions of dollar they got invested, the real question should be “Are your friends or coworkers really using it?” Just because they have the budget build a rocket doesn’t mean it will fly.  In fact, you should be glad to have a well funded “competitor”. It means your idea is worthy of being funded. Also, you can observe their expensive experiments which may save you a lot of time.

If the problem you are trying to solve is serious enough, other startups in the same field shouldn’t really be your competitors. There will be enough room for for each company to have a niche. As long as you can solve a real problem with sustainable execution, someone will find your company valuable.

So the next time you see a similar company get X millions on Tech Crunch, don’t panic. Embrace them and learn from their experiences. Most importantly, have a laser like focus on the problem you are trying to solve. 

Proud to have a president who moved fast to give millions of American the health care they need. While I am a firm fiscal conservative, I much rather overspend than lose lives.

Examine your daily consumption of information. Most of the stuff that bothers or use up your energy are completely irrelevant and useless to you.
You have to be unreasonable oftentimes to get what you need in life.
You are not free until you can act and think independently of outside influences most of the time.

Elon Musks explains the importance of reasoning from first principle.

Kinda explain what Tim Ferris like to say, “Everything Popular is Wrong”.

John was a scientist he was hooked on LSD

Lack of time is actually a lack of priorities.
4hww has from profound truths. It strange how I’m more interested in his advice than one of a billionaire entrepreneur. 

Red men marching (Taken with Instagram at Buckingham Palace)

Well hello Stockholm. (Taken with Instagram)

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